We are not offering any further franchises. As the trademark owner and founder, we are offering services for those who want to create their own corporate managed enterprises using our license. We will consult and participate in development. Territories are Eastern Ontario and all provinces across Canada. International opportunities would be on a consultant basis only.

Rosemary Chandler


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Rosemary and Curtis Chandler had designs on opening the type of cafe they wanted to frequent – a place where quality reigned, where beans were meticulously sourced, carefully roasted and brewed to bring out the unique flavor profile of each coffee. One day while visiting the quaint town of St. George Ontario, they found the perfect place to bring her vision to life. An old textile mill that bled charm and character. In November 2008, Brown Dog Coffee Shoppe was born. As the initial location was proving to be an enormous success naturally a second location on the banks of the Grand River in Paris Ontario evolved to be a natural second step. With a post card setting, guests continue to "Make themselves at Home" enjoying a great cup of coffee.

dog and owner

Visit a Brown Dog Coffee Shoppe and you'll very quickly understand why we say "Make yourself at Home". That's why we've created an environment that allows you truly feel at home. From the cozy lounge seating wrapped around a viewing of old time black and white movie, To the talented baristas brewing up a perfect beverage or pouring you a mug of local craft brewed beer. Everything we do at Brown Dog comes from the heart. Made to order 1800's style Apple Fritters, in-house made daily soups, quiches and buckwheat crepes. All of our proprietary blends are selectively roasted in Brantford, Ontario twice a week to ensure the optimal coffee experience in every cup of coffee we brew. The origins of our coffee are selected from farms in Brazil, Sumatra, Ethiopia. Our 3 customized blends come together to create the Mild and Smooth Dog Day Afternoon, the Bold and Delicious Kilimanjaro or our Neutered Dog (a full bodied Decaffeinated Blend.)